Time for some DIY

For any parent reading this, I’m sure you will understand the incredible sense of new found freedom gained when your young child finally starts school full time. Well I’m happy to say that is the experience I am currently going through. Bless him.

People have asked me “what will I do with all of that time?” Wrong question, it should be more like “where are you going to start?”

The answer to that is with a bit of DIY!

Not the hammer and nails type but some of the things which I have relied on other people (dear friends actually) to do for me.

Tragically we lost one of those dear friends early this year. Such a beautiful soul, John Llewelyn Perkins, who I met through music and became one of my very closest friends. John believed in my music very early on and helped me in so many ways. He recorded my first album (Cegin Nain/ Nain’s Kitchen), created and updated my website, got my music onto itunes, Cd baby, youtube etc and made a number of videos to accompany my songs one of which (Ar lan y môr) has recieved to date almost 160,000 views on you tube.

I have to say I’ve been a bit lost without John.

But now with my new found freedom the time has come to learn to do it myself, well some of it anyway. My first baby step being to create myself a website and then recording, video editing…. who knows?

Lockdown has forced us to find new ways of working, so with no gigs on the horizon for who knows how long, I’ve got to do something musical to stop myself going potty.

Wish me luck!

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